The rotor blade lifter RBC from ematec which is able to take on and handle all blade shapes available on the market. (pict: ematec)

They are considered to be the most innovative and universal traverse systems on the world market for the single blade assembly of wind turbines. As the first manufacturer ever, ematec has succeeded in developing rotor blade lifters that automatically adjust and balance themselves to the respective rotor blade. In addition, the RBC traverse systems are the only ones that are able to take on all currently available rotor blade types from 45 metres to 110 metres. For ematec, the order from Enercon is the largest single order in the company's 23-year history.

“This order is just amazing! It's great that Enercon is working with us to set a new benchmark on the world market. Our RBC lifting system is really unique in terms of its technical features and it will revolutionize single blade assembly from the ground up”, says Manfred Eberhard, CEO of the ematec AG. The innovation pioneers situated in Southern Germany’s Allgäu region invested around 1.3 million euros in its latest development, without having a specific customer order behind it. Quite brave - or risky like “hara-kiri”, as Eberhard describes it. "But somehow we were just sure that our idea would work", the head of the ematec board continued.

Enercon wants to use this potential consistently. The first rotor blade lifter is to be delivered by the end of March, then each additional one will follow every month. A tight schedule. “This is a real challenge for our company. But we are ready to take it on” emphasizes Eberhard. His company has a lot of experience in the construction and development of rotor blade lifters. So far, a total of 17 ematec rotor blade lifters from earlier series are in use worldwide for the installation of wind turbines, among others at Nordex and Siemens Gamesa.

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