Unique: The RBC (Rotor Blade Clamp) always stays perfectly in its center of gravity


Perfectly balanced: By using two counterweights on the wings of the lifter, the RBC always finds the right center of gravity. (Picture: ematec)

To ensure a safe handling of the rotor blade, the RBC is always able to define its precise center of gravity. Two counterweights located on the two wings of the rotor blade lifter automatically adapt to the point of gravity – with or without a rotor blade. As a consequence, there will be no uncontrolled movements which may harm the blade or which could interfere with the lifting process, even when the gripper has been opened after having been mounted to the hub. Due to the round arch design of the traverse system, the RBC and RBC-D always stay perfectly in the center of gravity even when tilted by ± 30 degrees. The same applies to the pitching of the wing by a maximum of ± 8 degrees. Hence, an uncontrolled movement of the lifter when being tilted or pitched is impossible.

Special pads for the rotor blade assembly for all kinds of weather

In order to be prepared for all kinds of weather and to be able to carry out assembly projects especially in winter, Enercon ordered from ematec all RBC-D traverse systems with special pads. In this version, the rubber grip pads have a coating specially developed by ematec, which even enables a safe gripping of dirty, wet or icy rotor blades. “Rotor blade assembly is therefore no longer as dependent on the weather as it used to be. Enercon thus minimizes the risk of long downtimes and enormously reduces construction site costs. Particularly in Scandinavia, wind turbines are usually installed in winter and assembly workers have to deal with icy rotor blades everyday. This is not a problem for our specially-coated grip pads”, emphasizes Eberhard.

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