Norwind Offshore Team

Norwind Offshore. from left:: Maren Kleven Fox, Magnus Kleven, Sverre Olav Farstad, Jon Ketil Gjørtz, Sverre Andreas Farstad, Svein Leon Aure, Espen Volstad, Eivind Volstad (pict. Torbjørn Sandbakk). (Quelle: Havnevik AS)

Norwind Offshore has entered into a contract with Vard for the delivery of three vessels by 2024 - with options for two more vessels in 2025. The first vessel is due to be delivered in 2022

Norwind Offshore is backed by owners with a long history of offshore and maritime experience. ‟For generations, we have developed a high level of expertise and excellence within advanced maritime operations, now being carried over into Norwind Offshore - supporting the development of renewable offshore energy,” says Svein Leon Aure, CEO of Norwind Offshore.

Specially adapted fleet

Norwind Offshore focuses purely on supporting the development of offshore wind energy. The vessels are purpose-built and specialised for the sole purpose of enabling the transition to clean, sustainable energy sources. ‟We want to offer the best and most efficient vessels, purpose built to support the operation of offshore wind farms,” says Aure.
The company has a goal of developing the industry's most environmentally friendly and innovative vessels. Norwind Offshore aims to be a leading ship-owning company, providing advanced maritime services for the development and operation of offshore wind energy.

Part of the maritime cluster in Sunnmøre, Norway

The company is located in Ålesund, Norway, in the centre of the maritime cluster in Sunnmøre. ‟Here, we have close access to high-level expertise in an innovative and leading environment within offshore technology,” says Jon Ketil Gjørtz, Chairman of the Board of Norwind Offshore. “Going forward our desire is to be a central contributor, building both the maritime cluster and further developing the local business community.”

Quelle: Havnevik AS

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