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The enactment of the new AVV now provides legal certainty. In order to secure the high demand for BNK-retrofit solutions until the deadline of June 30th 2021, Robur Wind is currently implementing the following measures, among others:

  • Increase stock levels
  • Update agreements with suppliers regarding delivery times, availability and component procurement
  • Ramp up production capacity
  • Develop and implement training courses on BNK-retrofitting for external service providers and customers

Robur Wind has already implemented interfaces to many existing BNK-systems in aviation aid system controls – those to new suppliers are currently being tested. The aim of the measures is to offer interfaces for all BNK-systems approved in Germany and thus ensure the operation of all plants after June 30th 2021 with regard to the new AVV specifications. Customers have planning security: aviation aid systems can already be installed today and later configured for the connected BNK-system via the modular operating software respectively software update.

Robur Wind infrared lamp certified  After the successful certification by the Department of Traffic Engineering of the Waterways and Shipping Administration, the series production of the infrared (IR) lamp with various market-relevant options is currently being prepared: 

  • For older Reetec-/Robur Wind aviation aid systems as retrofit solution (BNK- interface/IR-lights)
  • For third-party systems as "stand-alone" IR-light, which allows easy retrofitting of the IR-fire
  • Complete solutions for systems that cannot be converted. 

"Even during the exceptional Covid 19 situation, we guarantee our customers a speedy BNK-conversion in accordance with the new AVV, so that operators of the approximately 17,500 wind turbines affected in Germany can meet the set deadline – provided, of course, that the work is commissioned promptly. In addition, we offer ICAO A, B and C certified aviation aid systems and retrofit solutions for the international market," says Claus Sejersen, Head of Innovative Services Robur Wind GmbH.

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