Installation with just one click

Installation with just one click (Quelle: IBC Solar)

From the new and height-adjustable G3 Vario outer clamp to the TopFix 200 Fast Click for the convenient installation of micro-inverters and the optimised Mammut Form S+ moulded sheet metal tile. All components are ideally tailored to the overall system and enable even faster and easier installation with maximum flexibility.

Fast, faster, IBC TopFix 200 – Thanks to the new adjustable G3 Vario outer clamp, the modules are now even faster and easier to install on the IBC TopFix 200 mounting system than before. Where different clamps were previously required for different module frame heights, IBC SOLAR’s new outer clamp now allows modules with frame heights of 30 mm to 40 mm to be installed with just one clamp. The G3 Vario outer clamp has an integrated adjustment mechanism. This does not only allow for easy handling, but also guarantees quick and intuitive mounting without damaging the module frame. For the installer, this means maximum flexibility with minimal planning effort.

Another product designed for quick installation is the Mammut Form S+ moulded sheet metal tile. The combination of roof hooks and moulded tile is integrated directly into the roof structure and enables a safe, even more flexible and multi-variant mounting of modules. With the help of a new, shorter screw, the moulded sheet metal tile can now also be used for above-rafter insulation. It is screwed directly into the battens. Thanks to the use of the robust roof tile hook, there is no need for time-consuming processing of roof tiles and possible tile breakage and other roof damage is avoided. This facilitates the installer’s work on the roof, saves time and money during module mounting and increases the stability of the entire system. An important focus for IBC SOLAR is also the proven IBC SOLAR modular system. This means that the new additional elements are compatible with all other components of the IBC TopFix 200 product family and are ideally matched to each other. 

Installation with just one click – this is made possible by the new IBC TopFix 200 Fast Click designed specifically for the installation of micro-inverters, for example from the company Enphase. Again, speed and flexibility are key, as the TopFix 200 Fast Click, which is already pre-assembled on the micro-inverter, is simply clicked into the TopFix 200 profile rail. This guarantees safe and tool-free mounting of micro-inverters in record time. The new Fast Click is compatible with all available TopFix 200 carrier profiles.

Visitors can find out more about services and product highlights from IBC SOLAR in Hall A4, Stand A4.470 and A4.670 at Intersolar Europe in Munich (11 to 13 May 2022), Europe's leading trade fair for solar technology.

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