At the same time, the redesign visualises more clearly EURHEAT&POWER’s commitment to its publishers, AGFW (German district heating association) and Euroheat & Power. This is reflected by the logos on the title pages and the colour schemes. Just as the German edition of the journal appears in orange in line with the colour scheme of the German association, the English edition will take on the green tone of the European umbrella association.

What can be expected in volume III-IV – apart from a new design? Expert contributions with a view to the future! For example, students who won the DHC+ Student Awards present their ideas: a stochastic approach to realistically model district heating load patterns for the supply of heating and hot water to residential buildings (p.14), and a framework for evaluating the technical and economic potential of new, heat pump-based district heating systems (p.20). In addition, a research project examines possibilities of higher temperatures in district cooling systems (p.42). 

Dominika Moczko explains the impact of the Energy Efficiency Directive on the district heating industry (p.24), while Monika Kuusela takes a look at how the revised Renewables Directive could play an important role in the development of markets for decarbonised heating (p.28). You can also read how artificial intelligence may have a positive impact on the operation of district heating networks (p.38), or are the electric flexibility potentials of hybrid industrial heating networks in Germany (p.46).

As with everywhere else in the industry, digitalisation has also left its mark on EUROHEAT&POWER. The trade journal is available in digital format as an e-magazine and as an app. This will allow subscribers to access important information by logging in from their PC or while on the move. In each issue, two interesting expert contributions will be unlocked for all interested readers. These expert contributions will also be announced in the free newsletter, which will provide information about new products, companies or events. This makes EUROHEAT&POWER a comprehensive package of concentrated expert knowledge about district heating and cooling, now available in a fresh, modern and innovative layout.

The new layout appears with volume III-IV/2019 on 11 November 2019. The complete issue will be freely accessible online. Stay informed and subscribe to the newsletter!

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